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Greetings, thank you for visiting our site.

---------- THE COMPANY ----------
Keep Posted is a unique small business operating in the Puget Sound Area distributing Arts and Entertainment posters.

The service handles 50 - 100 clients simultaneously and is built around the needs of the Seattle Theatre Community. The majority of our clients typically have shows lasting 3-4 weeks.

Posters are displayed on a monthly rotation and are distributed daily. When your poster is received it takes 3-4 weeks for complete distribution. For this reason, we ask for posters to be dropped off 6 weeks in advance for one-day events, 4 weeks in advance for plays or ongoing performances.

Placement is guaranteed for one monthly rotation. If your show runs longer than a month, please contact us for details. Poster advertising is different than other forms of media; ask questions if you are confused and feel free to let us know which neighborhoods are the most important for your event.


Deliver All Promotional Materials to:

Lake Union Mail
117 East Louisa St
Seattle, 98102

Located on East Louisa Street, one door in from the corner of Eastlake and East Louisa street. Just west of Louisa's Bakery, in the Eastlake neighborhood of Seattle.

Double parking in front is fine for a quick drop-off.

Map 1

Map 2

Lake Union Mail

Lake Union Mail

Lake Union Mail is a parcel and letter retail storefront serving the neighborhoods of Eastlake, North Capitol Hill and the Lake Union basin. It cheerfully and competently accepts single-stamped envelopes up through bins of time-sensitive international commercial samples.

For a full listing of products and services, stop by and chat with us or visit us online at:

Lake Union Mail

Drop-off Hours:

Weekdays 9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.
Saturdays 10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

Please limit bundles to 40 lbs. each.

Rates and Pricing

Poster Payment Terms:
  • First time: 50% down
  • Prepayment on out of town jobs
  • Moneys due 30 days from billing date
  • Past due accounts charged 1 1/2% per month
  • Prepayment if last job was past due more than 45 days
  • Minimum order of $25.00
  • "Held over" or "extended" snipes - no charge
  • $2.00 Lake Union Mail drop-off charge added to each job
Additional charges for:
Unusual shapes, extra thick paper, compositions, (notepad tearoffs, glue-ons, 3-D objects, etc.) All size posters to King County Libraries (23) $.25 each.

Possible limited coverage for religious, sexual, nudist, political or unconventional.

Poster Size Prices:
Size your poster by multiplying length and width in inches. Then check prices listed below:

UP TO 99 SQ. IN.
100-200 SQ. IN.
11x17 Size
201-300 SQ. IN.
301-400 SQ. IN.
401-500 SQ. IN.
18x24 Size
501-600 SQ. IN.
601-700 SQ. IN.
701-800 SQ. IN.
801-900 SQ. IN.
901-1000 SQ IN.
OVER 1000 SQ. IN.
Price Upon Request

Holiday Closure:
Middle of December until the first working day of January.

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